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Trickling biofilter Aquadeals

Trickling biofilter

Basic type 1 083 EUR ex. VAT

  • the most efficient type of biofilter
  • ideal conditions for nitrifying bacteria
  • at the same time the water is degassed
  • chambers filled with RK Bioelements MEDIUM
  • lower outlet chamber without filter media
  • modular system ensures easy installation

Trickling biofilter Aquadeals

The trickling biofilter Aquadeals provides a suitable environment for the growth of nitrifying bacteria. The chambers of the trickling biofilter are filled with floating RK Bioelements MEDIUM. Each chamber holds 50l of this filtration media, only the lower outlet chamber is media free. The gradual flow of water through the chambers ensures suitable degassing of the water.  The entire biofilter is composed of individual modules stacked on top of each other or side by side. The inner baffle is made of perforated PP profile for easy water flow.

According to the composition of the individual modules, the trickling biofilter Aquadeals is easy to install in each RAS. Any number of modules can be assembled, depending on the amount of water flow.

The trickiling biofilter Aquadeals is made of primary PP ( polypropylene ) without added recyclate with UV stabilisation, each chamber is leak tested. We are able to issued a leak certificate.

We are direct manufacturer of the trickling biofilter, so it is no problem to produce the size and number of individual chambers according to your requirements.

Technical parametres

One chamber Biofilter
Height ( mm ) 300 1202
Lenght ( mm ) 990 990
Width ( mm ) 416 416
Inlet D ( mm ) 63 63
Outlet D ( mm) waterfall, tube waterfall, tube
Filtration medium ( l ) 50 150
Water flow rate ( m³/hod ) 20