Round breeding tank 3000l

Type: Round breeding tank 3000l

Type 3000 996 EUR ex. VAT

  • round breeding tank for RAS or flow through system
  • central drain in the bottom of the tank
  • level regulation on the side of the tank, pipe-in-pipe system
  • including the sludge pipe and ball valve
  • reinforcement of the upper edge
  • the upper edge bordered by a tube
  • perforated collection cylinder
  • made of PP (polypropylene) with UV stabilisation
  • available colours: grey, black, dark green, blue, white

Round breeding tank

Designed as a breeding tank for RAS or for flow-through systems. The tank is equipped with a bottom drain in the center of the tank, which allows for efficient dirt collection. The tank has also a sludge pipe which enables efficient and quick draining of the tank during full operation without straining the filtration system. The level control of the tank is made on the side of the tank by pipe in pipe system. The upper rim of the tank is reinforced and lined with a pipe.

The collection cylinder can be equipped with polyester or stainless steel mesh. The bottom drain can be also equipped with stainless steel screen that replace the collection cylinder.

Tank accessories:

  • lid with the fitting for belt feeder
  • additional airlift
  • jet element with air intake

The tank is made of primary PP (polypropylen) with UV stabilization.

We are direct manufactures of the breeding tanks, we can produce the tank according to your requirements. 


Technical parameters

Type 3000
Total height (mm) 1200
Breeding height (mm) 1000
Diameter (mm) 1960
Volume (l) 3000
Outlet D (mm) 110
Collection cylinder D (mm) 110
Drain pipe D (mm) 75
Max.flow rate (m3/hour) 10

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