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Radial flow settler

Radial flow settler

Radial flow settler 01 1 090 EUR ex. VAT

Radial flow settler 02 1 590 EUR ex. VAT

  • the settling cone is connected directly to the drainage pipe
  • effective settling of coarse dirt up to 80%
  • first stage of filtration in aquaponic systems with smaller fish populations
  • in RAS suitable as a sedimentation device before the drum filter
  • saves mechanical wear of the drum filter and reduces the consumption of rinse water
  • can be connected in the filter circuit or as a primary settling device behind each rearing tank

Radial flow settler

The radial flow settler is designed as a mechanical filtration device for the separation of suspended solids in RAS or aquaponics. Water is fed into the settler through a central inflow, which is covered by a cover tube in the settling cone. The cover tube directs the flow of water to maximize the sedimentation of particles. From the settling cone, the water flows over the overflow edge and free of the coarsest impurities, flows further into the filter circuit.

The trapped impurities settle to the bottom of the cone. The cone is dewatered by means of a dewatering pipe located under the bottom of the settler.

The efficiency of the radial flow settler is around 80% depending on the flow rate and particle structure.

The advantages of the radial flow settler are zero power consumption, zero failure rate, simple operation, high efficiency and low rinse water consumption.

In aquaponics with lower fish population, the radial flow settler can be used as the main mechanical filtration. In RAS with higher fish stock, the radial flow settler is used as a sedimentation device before the drum filter, thus saving mechanical wear on the drum filter and reducing rinse water consumption.

The radial flow settler is approximately 1/3 more efficient than a conventional centrifugal settler.


  • lid with ventilation head

The radial flow settler is made of virgin PP ( polypropylene ) without added recyclate with UV stabilisation and passes a leak test. The leak test is certified.

We are direct manufacturers of settler with radial flow, so it is no problem to produce custom-made settler according to your requirements.

Technical parameters

Radial flow settler 01 Radial flow settler 02
Total height (mm) 1200 1200
Diameter  ∅ (mm) 1200 1960
Volume (l) 1000 3000
Outlet D (mm) 110 160
Inlet D ( mm ) 110 160
Drain pipe D (mm) 50 63
Max.flow rate (m³/hod.) 8 20

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