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Mini RAS module

Mini RAS module 10 990 EUR ex. VAT

  • Complete rearing module for fish breeding
  • Suitable for beginners and fish enthusiasts in RAS
  • Suitable for investors as a pilot project
  • Includes all important equipment
  • Easy to install
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small built-up area
  • On-line monitoring of basic parameters
  • Can be adjusted according to the type of fish kept or the age of the fish
  • We are the manufacturers of the Mini RAS module, so it is no problem to customize the module according to specific requirements
  • The system can be seen at our company's headquarters if you are interested

Mini RAS module

It is a complete rearing device, which is intended for beginners who are thinking about breeding fish in RAS, but have no practical experience with fish breeding. It can also be used as a pilot project for aquaculture investors who are considering a serious investment in RAS, but also have no practical experience and would like to try fish farming in RAS.

However, the mini RAS module is a full-fledged rearing device that can be used as a RAS for smaller aquaponics or as a supplementary device for professional breeders.

Sample of videos from our Mini RAS module:





Mini RAS module composition:

Breeding tanks

  • circular, with central collecting cylinder
  • with safety overflow
  • drainage system in a pipe exposing the level in the tank
  • draining by a separate valve
  • upper pipe lining
  • half-lid lid with fitting for a feeder
  • height 1200mm, diameter 1200mm
  • breeding volume approx. 1000l
  • manufacturer Aquadeals s.r.o.

Mechanical filter

  • sedimentation with settling area and fixed bed
  • separate bottom and surface drainage by separate valve
  • bed flushing by blower
  • integrated safety overflow
  • volume 1000l
  • including cover
  • manufacturer Aquadeals s.r.o

Biological filter

  • with floating bed (MBBR)
  • with RK-BioElements 300l bio carrier
  • with aeration
  • drainage by a separate valve from the bottom
  • including cover with vent head
  • manufacturer Aquadeals s.r.o.

Control panel for placement of technological elements             

  • serves for optimal placement of technological elements
  • enables logical arrangement of the technology
  • facilitates system control and servicing of the equipment
  • manufacturer Aquadeals s.r.o.


  • Messner eco x 11 000
  • rated output 11 000l/hr
  • real output in the system 8500l/hr
  • power input 110W


  • Secoh JDK 60 S
  • Volume air flow in the system approx. 120l/min
  • power input 40W

UV-C lamp

  • amalgam germicidal fluorescent lamp
  • housed in PP housing D 110 mm
  • power 63 W
  • lamp life 16 000 hours
  • electronic ballast with soft start


  • used to wash the solid bed of the mechanical filter with pressurised air
  • in operation only during maintenance of the mechanical filter
  • running time approx. 60 seconds for 1 wash cycle
  • power input 600W

Monitoring unit             

System switchboard

  • with integrated 16 mA current protector
  • with four socket circuits
  • each circuit protected by its own circuit breaker
  • 7m connection cable with fork to 230V AC socket

Automatic feeders                       

  • 5kg/24hr variant
  • manufacturer FIAP


Mini RAS module – technical parameters

  • Total volume 4000l
  • Flow rate 8500l/hr
  • Power consumption 250W/hr
  • Max. production intensity: with aeration up to approx. 100kg (depending on the fish species)
  • Max. production intensity: with oxygenation up to approx. 150 kg (depending on fish species)

The Mini RAS module can be supplemented with additional equipment to fully meet the operational requirements of the breeder. The following devices are available to extend the module:

  • Oxygen reactor (if oxygenation is required)
  • Emergency oxygen (solution to ensure breeding in case of power interruption)
  • UPS (sine wave backup power supply, 500W, 120Ah battery)
  • Automatic tempering
  • Heating with integrated thermostat
  • Ozoniser, output 2g/O3/hr
  • Drum filter (to replace the existing mechanical filter)
  • Growing stand for Aquaponics

Mini RAS module we are able to design and manufacture exactly according to your requirements, if you are interested please contact us.