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Mini RAS module for breeding of tilapia

We often receive enquiries from aquaculture enthusiasts who would like to try small-scale fish farming under home conditions.

Such was the request of a client who wanted to breed tilapia in an unused garage. He needed a simple and compact system that would serve every member of the family. It would be easy to dismantle and relocate. It could be monitored and controlled remotely. Low power consumption and minimizing the built-up space was a prerequisite.

Mini RAS module

Composition of the assembly:

Breeding tanks 1000 l , 2 pcs
Mechanical filter (sedimentation, fixed bed, blower desludging)
Biological filter (MBBR)
Control panel for placement of technological elements
Pump: rated output 11 000l/hour, real output 8500l/hour, 110W
Blower: 60l/min, 40W
UV lamp: 63W
Control unit ( on-line monitoring, O2, pH, temperature and level)
Backup power supply: with sine wave output, power 300W, battery capacity 120 Ah,
Automatic feeders with clockwork
Annual production approx. 100 kg of tilapia
Total volume 4000l
Flow rate 8500l/hour
Power consumption 250W/hour

Realisation 2022