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Transport tank – mini 500l

Typ: Transport

Transport tank - mini 500l 990 EUR ex. MWST.

  • transport tank for live fish
  • transparent lid for inspection of fish during transport
  • lid is equipped with a seal to minimize water leakage during transport
  • Includes drain valve
  • including preparation for connecting an air or oxygen hose
  • dimensions 1000 x 700 x 700 mm, approx. 500l
  • feet for easy handling with palletising or forklift truck
  • colours available - grey, black, white, green, blue
  • we are direct manufacturers, therefore we can produce any size according to your demand

Transport tank –  mini 500l

The live fish transport tank is made to be easily transported on a palletiser or forklift. It can be used for transporting small quantities of market fish to small customers (hotels, restaurants), for transporting roach, hatchlings, ornamental fish or bait fish for predator hunting.

The lid of the transport box is equipped with a window that allows visual inspection of the fish during transport and a seal that prevents water leakage into the interior of the car.

The transport tank is suitable for Transporter, Viano, Vito, Berlingo, etc.

The transport tank is equipped with a drain valve and a connection for aeration or oxygenation.

All metal parts are made of stainless steel.

Optional accessories:

  • Hiblow 20 blower + inverter voltage converter 12 – 230V with connector for a socket or with connectors for 12V battery
  • air elements
  • oxygen flow meter
  • drain valve 32 mm

Available colours – grey, black, white, green, blue.

We are direct manufacturers, therefore any size can be produced according to your demand.