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Submersible UV-C lamp

Typ: Submersible UV-C lamp

Variant 44 W short 395 EUR ex. MWST.

Variant 63 W short 435 EUR ex. MWST.

Variant 41 W long 390 EUR ex. MWST.

Variant 90 W long 450 EUR ex. MWST.

Variant 105 W long 490 EUR ex. MWST.

  • Immersion germicidal UV-C lamp
  • Used for water disinfection in RAS , aquaculture, ponds etc.
  • Reduces the multiplication and development of unicellular algae, funnels, pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  • Reduces bacterial pressure in the rearing system, thereby improving the welfare of the reared fish
  • Inhibits the development of bacterial and viral infections
  • Inhibits the development of some parasitic diseases e.g. ichthyophthiriasis (ringworm)
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Made in the Czech Republic from quality certified parts
  • Amalgam fluorescent lamps with a long lifetime of up to 16,000 hours
  • Fittings in stainless steel or POM (suitable for salt water)
  • We provide installation and service

Submersible UV-C lamp

Is a simple device that can be used to effectively eliminate the growth and development of unicellular algae, funnel algae, yeasts and partially bacteria and viruses in your rearing system.

It works on the principle of emitting UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 253.7 nm into the water, thereby disrupting the DNA of microorganisms. The microorganisms do not multiply further. An important feature of UV-C radiation is that it does not cause resistance in microorganisms.

The effectiveness of the UV-C lamp depends mainly on the intensity of the radiation and the illumination time. In the case of water disinfection, the transparency of the water also matters. Cloudy water causes a lower efficiency of the UV-C lamp.

How to size the UV-C lamp ?

In RAS , i.e. in recirculating fish farming, a conversion of 5 -10 W /m3 is used, depending on the intensity of the farming and the flow rate.

In aquaculture, where often only the inflow water is treated (inflow to the hatchery, troughs, etc.), it is better to assess each case individually based on the specifics of the particular farm. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Composition of the UV-C submersible lamp

  • amalgam germicidal fluorescent lamp
  • protective quarts tube
  • electronic ballast
  • 4 PIN socket
  • connecting fitting and cable gland
  • wiring


Installation of a UV-C submersible lamp

  • only the UV reactor can be immersed = quartz tube only
  • fittings, wiring and ballast must not be immersed in water
  • horizontal and vertical installation is possible
  • submersible UV-C can be installed in pipes, UV chambers, inter-chamber biofilters, prefilters etc… The advantage is the easy expansion and reinforcement of the system. Easy installation and service.
  • in case of installation on a pressure pipe, it is better to install the UV lamp on a bypass
  • UV radiation must not penetrate into the biofilter where it would damage the nitrifying bacteria
  • can only be connected to a 230V AC socket which is protected by a 30mA current protector
  • the electronic ballast is supplied with brackets for wall mounting
  • PP or stainless steel housings can be used for safe installation, which can be used to create a UV system as required


Examples of UV-C submersible lamp instalation


Technical specification

Type Reactor length


Power consumption


Radiation intensity


Lifetime of the lamp
AM 44 W Short 440 44 110 16 000
AM 63 W Short 640 63 185 16 000
AM 41 W Long 849 41 150 16 000
AM 90 W Long 849 90 265 16 000
AM 105 W Long 849 105 280 16 000


Length of cable between ballast and lamp is 2m, length of mains cable is 3m.

Instructions for use of IGL UV-C lamp


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